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As TIFF Nexus continues to brew some fun cross-sector shenanigans for 2013, we’re excited to at least share a few things are friends and partners are up to over the next few weeks:

Semaphore Lab has a heap of fun coming with a day-long Blind Tennis Hackathon on Dec. 1st and a special talk and technology demonstration on Dec. 5th at 1:00pm by Rob Bishop, co-developer of the Raspberry Pi, a brand-new credit-card sized computer especially designed in mind for the classroom. Best of all, the latter event is free!

Before WIFT-T‘s 25th annual Crystal Awards gala at Arcadian Court on Dec. 4th, they’re also holding a breakfast talk this Friday, Nov. 30th by Catalyst‘s Deborah Gillis on Women and Boards, as well as the initiatives and tools that can help increase women’s representation in corporate governance.

Meanwhile Site3 has got a bunch of workshops (from 3D printing to Arduino wiring to FLAME EFFECTS!) all December, so be sure to check out their calendar and The Hand Eye Society is holding a social at the Monarch on Dec. 7th, with Metanet Software flying in cult game dev Kornel Kisielewicz from Poland to speak about his DOOM rougelike and the mystery of just what exactly is a rougelike?

And finally, when you’re finished applying to the Vector: Game + Art Convergence festival by Dec. 8th, it might be worth checking out Transmedia 101‘s masterclass with Jon Reiss, who will be leading a sure-to-be illuminating workshop on developing innovative and savvy marketing and distribution strategies for your various projects; a must for indies working in any medium.

You may also want to get a head-start on all these networking opportunities with Transmedia 101‘s Mixer this Wednesday (Nov. 28th). So, don’t let us catch you saying there’s nothing to do anytime soon.


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