Comics vs. Games Jam Video Now Online

The latest video from Endlss Films sums up the adventures and exploits of the TIFF Nexus Comics vs. Games jam. Click to watch.

The RENGA Reaction

The 100-player laser co-op experience RENGA was presented by TIFF Nexus during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, click here to learn what the audience had to say about it!

Comics Vs. Games TCAF Panel Now Online!

The Comics Vs. Games Jam panel that took place at this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which saw jam leader and Black Church Brigadange game developer, Miguel Sternberg, moderate select comic artists and game developers from the project, is finally online! Check out this hour of mirth and insight now!

Dr. Nichole Pinkard's Keynote presentation from New Media Literacies conference

Click the adjacant image to see Dr. Pinkard's talk on the success of the Digital Youth Network program at the TIFF Nexus New Media Literacies Conference on April 20th. Her presentation is followed by an onstage conversation with Debbie Gordon, the director of the kidsmediacentre at Centennial College.

See the Youth New Media Literacy Jammers in Action

Click the adjacant image to watch a short documentary produced by Endless Films outlining the Youth New Media Literacy jam and the fantastic projects that came out of it!

Keynote: Leigh Alexander

Gaming culture is beginning to embrace the idea that it needs more diverse perspectives both on the player side as well as in game development, and there are many positive examples - yet it still has further to go. Find out the where and how by watching Leigh Alexander's keynote presentation from the TIFF Nexus Women in Film, Games and New Media conference that took place on Dec. 9th, 2011 in partnership with WIFT-T. Click to watch.

TIFF Nexus Locative Media Day keynote presentation

Design guru and author of Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design, Bill Buxton discusses how the three rules of digital are more-or-less the same as those for real-estate: location, location, location. Click the adjacent image to watch his entire presentation on Whereable Media now!



Experiment 0 – Complete

By: Mark Rabo

    Events like the New Media Literacies Conference are really exciting to me (that was clear if you saw my introduction of the Youth New Media Literacy Jam teams.)
Band of Creative Misfits

The Youth New Media Literacy Jam teases you with a teaser

By: PeterK

Hot off the editing time-line from the super-awesome-film-making-folks at Endless Films comes a brief teaser that should give you an inkling as to what you can expect from the Youth

ThingTank Idea Jam: “Help Bernice and Joy see the Grand Canyon”

By: PeterK

With the obscure reference to the Hoveround infomercial out of the way, TIFF Nexus is exited to let you know about an upcoming idea jam ThingTank will be hosting on

Youth New Media Literacy Jam: Field Trip #1 – ThingTank

By: PeterK

The Youth New Media Literacy Jam is approaching its conclusion at the TIFF Nexus New Media Literacies Conference. As they busily prepare their projects for presentation on April 20th, during

Packaged Goods keeps delivering the goods with “Gaming the System”

By: PeterK

Just when you thought TIFF’s fantastic Packaged Goods series couldn’t get any more Nexus-y following February’s “Engaging with Interactivity“program, Rae Ann Fera curates “Gaming the System“: an entire line-up of

T.O. Gamers: MolyJam + The Level Up Student Game Showcase + Distant Worlds = :D!

By: PeterK

Toronto video game developers and enthusiasts alike need not struggle to make plans over the next few days. First, a game jam inspired by a parody twitter account based on

Venture Deli wants you to provoke some ideas in a ThingTank

By: PeterK

TIFF Nexus Business Services provider Venture Deli is planning a pretty cool event at ThingTank Lab next weekend (another TIFF Nexus Partner, fancy that!) and they’re looking for 10 “provocateurs”

Centennial College Innvoates with Children’s Entertainment Course

By: PeterK

The Toronto Star recently ran an article on Centennial College’s unique Children’s Entertainment program, the coordinators of which are involved as both advisors and speakers for TIFF Nexus’ New Media
Difference Engine Small

The Difference Engine Initiative: The Infographic!

By: PeterK

Difference Engine Initiative participant and coordinator Una Lee recently produced a neat infographic on the impact the project has had on both its participants and in turn the game design

Toronto’s Own Sword and Sworcery EP take home prize at GDC Awards

By: PeterK

The 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards took place last night in San Francisco and the fine folks of Capy Games and Superbrothers (specifically Nathan Vella, Kris Piotrowski and Craig