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The Comics Vs. Games Jam panel that took place at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which saw jam leader and Black Church Brigadange game developer, Miguel Sternberg, moderate select comic artists and game developers from the project, is finally online!

Running just over an hour long, the panelists discuss a wide eclectic range of topics including:
  • their influences and inspirations
  • the trials and tribulations experienced in the jam
  • their thoughts on the future of their respective mediums
  • Steve Manale’s sliced thumb and his Resident Evil habits
  • Damian Sommer’s new-found obsession in the lives prostitutes (thanks to Chester Brown)
  • John Martz on pixel art
  • Christine Love’s unique ability to wake up at sunrise
  • Andy Belanger’s poor opinion of Calgary’s night life
  • and much, much more…

Oh, the things you will learn!

To learn more about the Comics vs. Games jam project, check out the dedicated TIFF Nexus page here.


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