Creative Jams

TIFF Nexus produces a series of hands-on “creative jam” sessions that offer participants the chance to conceive and prototype innovative gaming experiences. These creative jam sessions explore a range of emerging trends in interactive design, including locative media, women in digital media, children’s new media literacy, and the intersection between gaming and comic books.

TIFF Nexus creative jams are comprised of industry professionals, by invitation only.

The Peripherals Initiative
August – October 2011
A creative jam led by the Hand-Eye Society and additional partner labs that put hardware hackers together with game developers to innovate in areas of interface design.

The Difference Engine
August – November 2011
This game-making incubator session led by the Hand-Eye Society and additional partners invites women from diverse media sectors to learn and create through accessible, point-and-click game-making tools.

Youth New Media Literacy Jam
February – April 2012
The Youth New Media Literacy Jam is a diverse group of makers, educators, and thinkers creating experiences to expose, highlight, and/or address questions relating to youth and new media literacy.

Comics Vs. Video Games
February – May 2012
Inspired by the artxgame projects in Los Angeles and San Francisco, TIFF Nexus’ Comics vs Games creative jam, led by Miguel Sternberg from the Hand Eye Society, has developed five inspiring game collaborations between nationally and internationally renowned independent comic and game creators.