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Nuit-Blanche’11: The Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra

Nuit Blanche 2011 All Night Game Music & Chiptunes Concerts at TIFF Bell Lightbox

*******Footage of the full 12 hour concert COMING SOONISH.
Stay tuned.*******

The 2011 edition of Toronto’s all-night-art-thing, Nuit Blanche, saw Cinema 1 of TIFF Bell Lightbox filled to the brim with bits, bytes, and beats as a mix of live music and giant-screen video games came together on stage.

This night was curated by members of the TIFF’s Gaming and New Media Think Tank, in partnership with Site 3 coLaboratory who are built the orchestras chiptune instruments and other special electronic chiptunes noisemakers from scratch, by hand! Special thanks to mrghosty

How to Bake A Nuit-Blanche
A handy video-recipe courtesy of the TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Content Capture Department on what it takes to make a rockin’ Nuit Blanche project. Featuring the music of Jeff The World and the busy hands of Team TIFF Nexus, Ryerson Students and the fine folks of Site 3 coLaboratory.

Schedule *

7-7:30 Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra
7:30-8 Battle Lava
8-8:30 Deadbeatblast followed by .exe
8:30-9 Radius and Helena
9-9:30 Oxvylu
9:30-10 Cybernetic Orchestra
10-10:30 Freque
11-11:30 Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra
11:30-12 Deadbeatblast
midnight-12:30 Jeff the World
12:30-1am Radius and Helena
1am-1:30 Starpilot
2-2:30 bossFYTE
3-3:30 bossFYTE
3:30-4 Freque
4:30-5 Free Play Period
5-5:30 Press Start 2 Play
5:30-6 Starpilot

Radius & Helena METROID

Visit radiusandhelena.com for more info!

STARPILOT 1am-1:30am SET:


Awesome Force set, people rushing the stage