Magic Pony Showcase (April 29th – May 3rd)


Magic Pony is boutique & gallery space dedicated to the exhibition of young contemporary art. With a dynamic programming range, Magic Pony’s Gallery program includes illustration, graphic design, urban art, animation, comics, material arts and a DIY aesthetic. Magic Pony actively explores the convergence of fine and commercial art, extending the ongoing discourse surrounding pop culture and its contemporary transmutations.

At Magic Pony, the TIFF Nexus’ Comics vs Games exhibition will be showcased along with the new unreleased version of Daniel Benmergui’s IGF Nuovo Award winner Storyteller, a comic/game hybrid, as well as Jason Shiga’s and Andrew Plotkin’s Meanwhile, an interactive comic application for the iPad. In addition, we are excited to announce that the Attract Mode collective will be showcasing a selection of artwork curated by Matt Hawkins.