300,000 people have played Difference Engine game: Kreayshawn!



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Kreayshawn: The Game - Beth Maher (c) 2011
Since hitting the inter-webs in October of 2011, Beth Maher’s flash-based video game starring the famed rapper Kreayshawn has gone viral attracting over 300,000 players and receiving a bevy of press from both blogs and major publications like Rolling Stone and LA Weekly, as well as an endorsement from the rapper herself via her website. Aptly titled Kreayshawn: The Game, the retro side-scroller casts players as the titular rapper as she hurls “swag” at “basic bitches” in reference to her YouTube smash

The game was developed by Beth as part of The Difference Engine project in partnership with The Hand-Eye Society and TIFF Nexus and will be presented at the TIFF Nexus Women in Film, Games and New Media conference on Dec. 9th, 2011. Click here to learn more about the project from whence Kreayshawn: The Game came, and also to try out the other fantastic games produced through the creative jam.


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