Get your finance game on at GameON: Finance this January (plus get a discount!)



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Interactive Ontario’s 2013 edition of GameON: Finance is set for Jan. 29th & 30th – have you got yourself signed up yet? Maybe you hadn’t heard that Feargus Urquhart from Obsidian Entertainment will be delivering the opening keynote at this year’s conference, happening at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon (Toronto Reference Library). Obsidian recently made waves in gaming and crowdfunding communities when they raised over $3.9 million for their upcoming game Project Eternity on Kickstarter, breaking the previous record held by Double Fine Adventures.

Or maybe you didn’t know that there are only two days left to get the early bird pricing which expires on Jan. 13th?

Or maybe, just maybe you didn’t realize that as a friend of TIFF Nexus, you can snag a 15% discount with the code: GOF2013TNXS. Well, you probably didn’t realize that because we’re only telling you NOW!

What are you waiting for? Check out the bevy of other exciting guest they have lined up here and get yourself registered here.



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