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The Toronto Star recently ran an article on Centennial College’s unique Children’s Entertainment program, the coordinators of which are involved as both advisors and speakers for TIFF Nexus’ New Media Literacies Conference.

Co-cordinator of the program, and TIFF Nexus advisor, Suzanne Wilson breaks down the program in the article:

“It focuses on three general areas,” Wilson explains.

“The first is creatively understanding your audience.”

“Then there is the business side, which is all about understanding the legal and business aspects.”

“And, finally, the regulatory and ethical issues of children’s entertainment: who regulates what and seeing how we should apply that knowledge.”

The article goes on to demonstrate the success of the program with examples from their students and alumni, many of whom have been able to shepherd their student projects into a professional one sometimes before they even graduate. Those with any interest in working in children’s content, should definitely check it out, and better yet, also check out TIFF Nexus’ New Media Literacies Conference on April 20th to get a chance to network with leaders and innovators working in this discipline today.

Read the full article at the Toronto Star’s website.


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