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Cumulo Nimblers, the infectiously cute and addictive game by Australian indie game designer Farbs and comic artist John Martz that was produced as part of the TIFF Nexus Comics vs. Games jam is now available to download for free from Farbs’ website.

Featuring the head-bopping sonic majesty of Big Giant Circles, this new release of the game also sports a significant design change from its appearance at public TIFF Nexus arcades: the game actually ends! Where before the player could perpetuate a rally of hopping into infinite, now the game concludes in an explosion of rainbow magic the moment the player collects five coins. According to an article in The Verge, Farbs wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about incorporating this design change, but concedes that it was something asked of him by several parties, and so he decided to implement the new “exciting rainbowsplosion” finale.

We recommend the game be played on the largest monitor possible with four friends and USB connected XBOX controllers.

Now, go forth and hop to your hearts content!


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