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Fall in TIFF Nexus brothers and sisters, gaming aficionados, documentary-fans and all those in the mood for the new and the now, for the runaway documentary hit from Sundance and SXSW (and most recently Hot Docs) Indie Game: The Movie is coming to the TIFF Bell Lightbox next week! See it before it becomes a fictional HBO series, and secure your “I was there first” bragging rights.

Here’s the skinny:

An underdog story for the gaming age, Indie Game captures the aspirations, pressures and challenges facing today’s independent video game designers as they try to break their way into a multi-billion dollar market. The film follows four designers as they encounter a variety of different hurdles on their way to gaming glory: Jonathan Blow, who is considering beginning a new game after designing Braid, one of the highest-rated games of all time; Montreal-based designer Phil Fish, who has to struggle with angry bloggers and a legal battle as he endeavours to shepherd his long-in-development game FEZ to the proving ground for all indie games, the PAX gaming convention; and partners Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, whose game Super Meat Boy is finally due to debut on Xbox, but who must first navigate the maze that is Microsoft. A vivid portrait of four meticulously obsessive artists, Indie Game reveals the painstaking craft, dedication and artistry that have made game design one of the most exciting and constantly evolving art forms of the twenty-first century.

And here’s the trailer:

What? Still here? Well had you checked in the other day, you would have totally had a chance to win a ticket to Indie Game: The Movie. Better luck next time. Keep your eye on our twitter (@TIFF_Nexus) as there might be another opportunity there.


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