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With the obscure reference to the infomercial out of the way, TIFF Nexus is exited to let you know about an upcoming idea jam ThingTank will be hosting on April 11th between 6pm to 8pm, and which will examine how new forms of non-screen based digital media such as geo-location, digital logic and sensors, embedded in physical environments and publicly available digital services, such as large scale displays and public networks, could provide new forms of entertainment, education and opportunities for socialization and community building for populations that may suffer from social isolation such as seniors and people with disabilities. Phew!

More specifically, dubbed Scooter Games, the jam will be looking for games designed for people using mobility aids such as scooters or powered wheelchairs.

Full details, along with a link to RSVP are below:

Idea Jam 14: Scooter Games
Wednesday April 11, 6PM-8PM
ThingTank Lab, 376 Bathurst, basement unit

And if Idea Jams aren’t your bag, don’t forget about the latest Packaged Goods screening on video game advertising, also going on that night. If you’re regularly checking out this site, there’s really no excuse not to have any plans this Wednesday.


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