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The 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards took place last night in San Francisco and the fine folks of Capy Games and Superbrothers (specifically Nathan Vella, Kris Piotrowski and Craig D. Adams) took home Best Handheld/Mobile Game for their sublime iOs point-and-tap masterpiece: . Up against the likes of popular IPs like Super Mario and glitzy titles like Infinity Blade II, its encouraging that the little guy is still able to rise to the top in an industry that seems overrun by mega-budget blockbusters. Congratulations again to Nathan, Kris and Craig, and to all the nominees and award recipients of the 2012 GDC Awards (check the rest out here).

Craig D. Adams is also an alumni of a recent TIFF Nexus Jam led by the Hand-Eye Society, where he helped develop the innovative Eye-Pilot – a game that allows you to fly through a serene landscape controlling your trajectory entirely with your eye!


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