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TIFF Nexus Business Services provider Venture Deli is planning a pretty cool event at ThingTank Lab next weekend (another TIFF Nexus Partner, fancy that!) and they’re looking for 10 “provocateurs” to mix things up that evening.

The full details are that next Tuesday, March 27th, @ 7:30pm, Venture Deli will be hosting an Idea Jam with MBA students currently enrolled in a course on social entrepreneurship. Their assignment is to create a business model which tackles one of two major social issues: food in the urban environment and housing for First Nations.

So Venture Deli is assembling a team of the aforementioned “provocateurs” to help students brainstorm, ideate and prepare their models for investors. If you’re interested in attending or learning more, please contact and tell’her TIFF Nexus sent you.

One more time:
Social Business Model Idea Jam
ThingTank Lab – 376 Bathurst
Tuesday, March 27th – 7:30-9:30PM
Food and Drink provided


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