The Mysterious Aphroditus


The Mysterious Aphroditus is the crown jewel of London theatre, capturing the hearts and imagination of audiences across the city. Equally skilled at taking on the role of prince or princess, no one knows the true identity of the epicene idol – but that won’t stop the high and low of Victorian society from battling it out, turn-based style, to win their favour in this sordid tale of petticoats and paramours.

Kyla Vanderklugt
Kyla works as an illustrator and comic artist out of a small shack on a farm in rural Ontario. Much of her spare time is taken up by playing video games and making drawings about them. Recently she has made comics for Flight Volume Eight and for Spera Volumes I and II. Visit her online at!

Christine Love
Christine Love is a writer who somehow managed to make a wrong turn, and only got into the field after she was told that her Digital: A Love Story made her a “critically acclaimed indie game-maker,” whatever the hell that means. After a brief, horrific interlude of living in the boonies to study English literature, she now lives in her hometown of Toronto again. Her most recent work is the just-released Analogue: A Hate Story, a mystery game about misogyny, transhumanism, and cosplay set on a long lost generation ship.